Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Body in the Baptistery Book Club Review!

Welcome to all of our followers for the first Tate Authors book club review. For those of you participating you will have twenty four hours (and really more....what are we gonna erase this?) to post your responses to the five questions about the book. Be honest, be "pg" rated or under, and most of all have fun!

Question 1: How was the introduction, storyline, character pacing, and your overall impression of the novel?

Body in the baptistery question 2

What character, storyline, and specific chapter did you like the best and why?

Body in the baptistery question 3

What other stories, movies, or storytellers come to mind that is like baptistery?

Body in the baptistery question 4

What if anything do you wish the author had done different?

Body in the baptistery question 5

What rating (using our Tate Authors scale of course, it is on the right banner of this website) would you give this novel?