Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unspeakable Journey by Rinda Hahn

Book: Unspeakable Journey
Author: Rinda HahnPerfect Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing (March 23, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1615666931
ISBN-13: 978-1615666935
Genre: Christian fiction; chick lit
Review Date: 3/16/2010
Review: Unspeakable Journey tales the story of the nightmare of being taken captive and brought to a strange land. Excellently imagined, and told in an escalating crescendo, Hahn effectively creates the drama she sets out to in the contemporary Christian fiction novel.

From the beginning I was drawn in by the story, and found myself wanting to read more and further despite the many time constraints I experienced while reviewing Journey.

On the writing style: Hahn does an excellent job of using language and prose that is easily accessed by a wide range of consumers, yet she also finds her voice quickly and expresses her artistic style where appropriate and does so in a way that did not pull me away from the story proper.

Hahn also in my opinion excellently captures the plight and terror of someone held hostage, not only by depicting the behavior and structure of kidnapping and kidnappers, but by also wonderfully depicting the thought processes and human experience of those who would find themselves so powerless and frail.

On the Target Audience: While the story has mass appeal and so I think will be interesting to a wide variety of readers, there is a strong Judeo-Christian philosophy running throughout the text and so I believe individuals with an affinity for such teachings and philosophies will be the most attracted to and satisfied with this well paced and flowing storyline.

On the best parts. I think more than anything else Hahn’s ability to tell a captivating story, as well as her ability to expose that in every death there is a life, or restated that humans emerge with redeeming features regardless of the desperate circumstances creates a message that undoubtedly will touch and inspire many who read Journey.

Closing thoughts and overall summary: An ever escalating read that will challenge the way you think and worship, as well as tease you with the life too many of our earthly kin must live, Journey is the type of novel you will be talking to your friends about when you finish!

Heath Sommer, Ph.D.
Author of The Manufactured Identity

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